? for Artwork Discussions

Art Critic Questions for artwork discussions

(From Smithsonian Institute American Art Museum – Education program)



Who or what do you see in this artwork?

– What is going on in this picture? What more can you find?

– What is the largest thing you see in this picture?

– What is the smallest thing you see in this picture?

– Who are these people in the artwork? Are they similar or different from you?


What colors are in the artwork?

– What can you tell me about the colors in this artwork? What color do you see the most?

– What kind of mood or feelings do the color give the artwork?

– Do you like the colors that are in the artwork?

– If you were the artist, would you have used different colors?


Where do you think this scene is taking place?

– What season is it?

– What time of day?

– What kind of weather?

– Is the scene outside? Inside?


Why do you think this artist made this artwork?

– How does this artwork make you feel?

– How do you think the artist feels about this person or thing in the painting?


When do you think this artwork was made?

– Does this scene look like it could be taking place today? Why or why not?

– If there are people, are their clothes similar or different from what you are wearing?

Why or why not?

– Is the scenery similar or different from where you are?

– What does the scenery and the clothing or objects tell us about when this artwork was made?


How do you think this artist made this artwork?

– What types of materials did the artist use? Paint? Clay? Wood?

– How long do you think it took to make?

– How big do you think the artwork is?




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