Curr. ASL Videos

Arnaud Balard explaining the Deaf Sign Union Flag

General ASL Videos about De’VIA:


The 1989 De’VIA Manifesto (Randy Pituk)

The 4 Elements of De’VIA (Emily Blachly)

– Affirmation (Michelle- Mansfield-Hom)
Resistance (Michelle- Mansfield-Hom)

  • Themes:
  • Motifs:

ASL Signs (Emily Blachly)

AGBell (Susan Dupor)

Bells (Tullos Horn)

Baby/Child (Peggy Gelarde)

Blue Tape (Nancy Rourke)

Body Hole (Nancy Rourke)

Broken Hands (Michelle Mansfield-Hom)

Candle (Mindy Moore)

Chain (Bonnie Arnold)

Chair (Christine Parrotte)

Checkerboard (Tullos Horn)

Dandelion (Michelle Mansfield-Hom)

Deaf Union Flag (Tiffany Hogland)

DNA (Christine Parrotte)

Doctors (Hinda Kasher)

Door (Susan Dupor)

Ears (Peggy Gelarde)

Eyes (Christine Parrotte)

Feather (Scotty Zwicker)

Flower (Bonnie Arnold)

Hammer (Tullos Horn)

Hands (Hinda Kasher)

Interpreters (Hinda Kahser)

Ladder (Christine Parrotte)

Light Bulb (Tiffany Hogland)

Lock (Christine Parrotte)

Mask (Emily Blachly)

Middle Finger (Hinda Kasher)

Mirror (Takiyah Harris)

Mountain (Michelle Mansfield-Hom)

Mouth (Tullos Horn)

Nails (Tullos Horn)

Nature (Michelle Mansfield-Hom)

Nest (Mary Cregan)

Puppet (Takako Kerns)

Round Table (Nancy Rourke)

Ruler (Susan Dupor)

si5s (Hinda Kasher)

Solidarity Fist (Tullos Horn)

Stars (Michelle Mansfield-Hom)

Stream (Susan Dupor)

Third Eye (Tullos Horn)

Window (Susan Dupor)


The De’VIA Murals

1989 De'VIA Mural
1989 De’VIA Mural

Explanation of the 1989 Mural/Artists

2nd Wave of De'VIA (2013) restretched
2nd Wave of De’VIA (2013) restretched

Explanation of the Motifs in the 2nd Wave Mural

Dogs Motif—Susan Dupor             

Elephant Motif—Nancy Rourke  

Sun Motif—Ellen Mansfield           

Butterfly/Heart/Hand Motif-Mindy Moore

Hand Stand, Hand Motif-David Call

2nd Wave of De’VIA 2013 Mural

This is a reproduction of a Deaf View/Image Art De’VIA mural that was created by over 30 Deaf artists who attended a retreat at the Kansas School for the Deaf during the summer of 2013.  The blank canvas had belonged to a Deaf artist from the 1960s.  His Deaf daughter who participated in the retreat donated her father’s canvas as a tribute to him.

The black background and the white triangle / pyramid are a tribute to the original 1989 Mural.  We wanted to have a visual nod and connection to the origins of De’VIA.  The multicolored background is made up of different colored handprints of the artists reminiscent of cave paintings when sign language and visual art were the first languages used by humans. Except for where the De’VIA motifs appear, the hands are covered with black paint, again honoring the original 1989 mural, which is now missing.

The motifs created by the artists have a variety of meanings and references – the peacock is a tribute to Spectrum, a Deaf artists colony in Austin, Texas during the 1970s, the newly created Sign Union flag by Arnaud Balard waves proudly at the top, there are both resistance and affirmation pieces – communicating how Oralism and Audism are unnatural and unjust, while ASL, nature, and creativity are liberators.  The handstand within the triangle/pyramid signifies how taking a STAND via ART (ie ARTivism) is a source of great strength and perseverance for De’VIA, for ASL, and for our Deaf-World.  The Eye at top is to signify how artistic expressions of the Deaf experience are often a gateway to our third eye and also signify the spiritual part of De’VIA and being Deaf.  The triangle emerging out of the eye also shows our Point of View.  The bottom right corner large blue handprint with the small yellow handprint inside of it – serve as our collective signature like the days of old – rock art hand prints and to signify the posterity of De’VIA – how it lives on.

The original 2013 Mural hangs in the library of the Kansas School for the Deaf in Olathe, Kansas. Reproduction murals have been sent to many Deaf schools as a visual representation of our collectivity.

Teach ins

Abstract Expressionism in ASL:  David Call (CSDF Art instructor) demonstrates to 2015 De’VIA Curriculum retreat participants how to teach ASL Abstract Expressionism [Lesson/Activity]

Deaf Artists interviews:

Art Talks (non-De’VIA artworks) with Tony Bloem in Dutch Sign Language


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