De’VIA Artists

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Video interviews with Deaf Artists: (scroll down for a listing of De’VIA artists)

Deaf Artists Interview Videos:

Sander Blondeel Interview (8m 45s) Sander Blondeel-NTID Interview_256k.flv

Uzi Buzgalo Interview (44m 26s) Uzi Buzgalo – Interview.flv

Uzi Buzgalo Walkaround (33m 55s) Uzi Buzgalo – Walkaround.flv

Randy Dunham Interview (9m 45s) Randy Dunham-NTID Interview_256k.flv

Theresa Coughlan Matteson Interview (27m 20s)

Susan Dupor Interview (8m 51s) Susan Dupor-NTID Interview_256k.flv

Leon Lim Interview (6m 48s) Leon Lim_NTID Interview_256k.flv

Leon Lim “01-9-11” (3m 29s) Leon Lim-01911_256k.flv

Leon Lim “Killing My Deafness” (3m 0s) Leon Lim-Killing My Deafness_256k.flv

Leon Lim “A Deaf World is Possible” (5m 31s) Leon Lim-A Deaf World Is Possible_256k.flv

Alexander Martianov (5m 46s) Alex Martianov_256k.flv

Tracey Salaway Interview (7m 39s) Tracey Salaway-NTID Interview.flv

Rita Straubhaar Interview (10m 23s) Rita Straubhaar-NTID Interview.flv

Eddie Swayze Interview (7m 42s)

Robert Walker Interview (4m 57s) Robert Walker-NTID Interview.flv

Pamela Witcher Interview (28m 21s) Pam Witcher – Interview.flv

Pamela Witcher Walkaround (31m 51s) Pam Witcher – Walkaround.flv

Guy Wonder Interview (19m 57s)

Guy Wonder Discussing his art (6m 25s)

Nancy Rourke Interview (29m 08s) Nancy Rourke-NTID Interview_F8 1Mbps.flv

Warren Miller Interview (34m 48s) Warren Miller Show.flv

Mary Rappazzo Interview (26m 55s) Mary Rappazzo.flv

Hearing Artist who did a series of Deaf ASL related paintings
Suellen Newhouse Cupp Interview (12m 46s) Suellen Newhouse Cupp-NTID Interview.flv

De’VIA Artists:
This is a listing of De’VIA / Surdist Artists (Artists who make works about the Deaf experience).  Feel free to list your own website and videos in the comment box below so viewers can easily find your work.  We will not be listing links here as often artists change their sites or things go missing – the names are listed in alphabetical order so that people may do google searches to find these artists works and/or see the comment section below for links that artists have posted.  Some artists listed are emerging or only have made a few De’VIA works, others listed are well established and committed De’VIA artists – all are welcome.

> indicates artists who are deceased

Please comment and/or email us if you are not on the list and would like to be added.

Iris Aranda (Panama US)

Don Baer (US) >

Chuck Baird (US) >

Arnaud Balard (France)

Fred Beam (US)

David Bloch (Germany US)  >

Sander Blondeel (Belgium)

Brenda Boaz-Pond (US)

Cizzy Boga (US)

Daniel Bouchat (Canada)

Morris Broderson (US) >

Uzi Buzgalo (Israel)

David Call (US)

James Canning (US)

Jeff Carroll (US)

Quisuana “Kyo” Carter (US)

Veronique Cheney (France US)

Yura Chernuha (Russia)

Karen Christie (US)

Connie Clanton (US)

Adrean Clark (US)

Nancy Creighton (US)

Janna Dahl (Russa US)

Frank Dattolo (US)

Matt Daigle (US)

Jamal DeJong

Susan Dupor (US)

Patti Durr (US)

Kelly Doucet-Simpson (Canada US)

Mary Dignan (US)

James Dugas (US)

Randy Dunham (US)

Amy Cohen Efron (US)

Shawn Elfrink (US)

Yusuf Ermez (Turkey)

Angus English (US)

David Ennis (US)

Allen Ford (US)

Tony Fowler (US)

Randy Garber (US)

Ixchel Solis Garcia (Mexico)

Johnston Grindstaff (US)

Tiphaine Girault-Bath (Canada)

Maryam Hafizirad (Iran Canada)

Mike Hanson (US)

Takiyah Harris (US)

Lai-Yok (Judy) Ho (Singapore) >

Kyle Hoffer (US)

Sandi Inches (US)

Lee Ivey (US) >

Claudia Jimenez (US)

Paul Johnston (US)

Hinda Kasher (US)

Bridget Klein (US)

Maureen Klusza (US)

Noel King (US)

Jolanta Lapiak (Canada)

Sergio Lavo (Italy)

Stacy Lawrence (US)

Vero Leduc (Canada)

Leon Lim (Malaysia US)

Marian Lucas (US)

Pamela Macias (US)

Alexander Martianov (Russia)

Maddie Martin (US)

Thad Martin (US)

Ellen Mansfield (US)

Theresa Matteson (US)

Michelle McAuliffe (US)

Ken McBroom (US)

Nancy McCormick-Kovacich (US)

Sharon McKenney (US)

Philip Mecham (US)

Betty G. Miller (US)

Warren Miller (US)

Tracey Milo (US)

Laurie Monahan (US)

Stevie Naeyaert (US)

Christine Parrotte (US)

Randy Pituk (US)

Joan Povich-Kutscher (US)

Federico Quintana (US)

Jeremy Quiroga (US)

Mary Rappazzo (US)

Antonia Lindsey Rathburn (US)

Stefrose Renner (US)

Shawn Richardson (US)

Andrew Robertson (US)

Carlisle Robinson (US)

Deborah Rogers (US)

Roberta Rose (US)

Nancy Rourke (US)

Mehdi Safavi (Iran Canada)

Tracey Salaway (US)

Heather Saunders-Roth (Canada US)

Jon Savage (US)

Paul Scearce (US)

Ashley Shaffer (US)

Pratigya Shakya (Nepal)

Ann Silver (US)

Tiffany Slieff (US)

Diane Squires (US)

Marg Stout (US)

heidi Storme (US)

Eddie Swayze (US)

Kaori Takeuschi (Japan)

Randy Taylor (US)

Mary Thornley (US)

Ron Trumble (US)

Roy Ricci Vanderstock (Africa / Holland/ US)

Jim Van Manen (US)

Vanessa Vaughan (Canada)

Manuel Vazquez (US)

Robert Walker (US)

Yiqiao Wang  (China)

Rosalyn Watson (US)

Darlene Weir (US)

Cynthia Weitzel (US)

Charles Wildbank (US)

Alex Wilhite (US)

Harry Williams (US) >

Daniel Winship (US)

Pamela Witcher (Canada)

Jenny Witteborg (US)

Guy Wonder (US)

Yusuf Yahya (US)

Larry Yanez (US)

Hokin Zerga (France)

Jiayi Zhou (China)

Svetlana Zinovieva (Russia US)

Luisella Zuccotti (Italy)


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