Articles & Books

Articles and Books

Durr, P. (2006). De’VIA: Investigating Deaf Visual Art.  Deaf Studies Today! ,   Orem, UT:  Utah Valley State College, Volume 2, 167-187. link to PDF
or click red text for PDF DeVIAInvesigatingDeafVisualArtbyPattiDurr

Durr, Patricia. “Deconstructing the Forced Assimilation of Deaf People Via De’VIA Resistance and Affirmation Art.”  Visual Anthropology Review 15.2 (Fall 1999): 47-68

Lane, H., Hoffmeister, R., & Bahan, B. (1996). Deaf culture: The arts.  A journey into the deaf world (pp. 138-143). San Diego, CA: DawnSign Press.

Schertz, B., & Lane, H. (1999). Elements of a culture: Visions by Deaf artists. Visual Anthropology Review: Journal of the Society for Visual Anthropology, 15(2), 29-36.

Sonnenstrahl, Deborah (2002).  Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary, San Diego, CA: DawnSignPress.

See also books on individual De’VIA artists (Chuck Baird, Ann Silver, Nancy Rourke)



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