Art Projects

David Call’s Street Art Tape Sculpture PP tape sculpture demo David Call 2016

Abstract ASL Action Paintings – David Call (Ca. School for the Deaf) PP below video box

Abstract expressionism pollock PP
Pollock tech character description for library
Pollock abstract description worksheet
Completed Pollock worksheet (example) Pollock Abstract expressionsim proj description worksheet

ASL Facial Expression Papier Mache – David Call (Ca. School for the Deaf)
ASL facial expression papier mache mask 2016

ASL Sculpture Artwork – David Call (Ca. School for the Deaf)
ASL Sculpture, A study of Chuck Baird, De VIA artist

Haring Graffiti art PP – David Call CSD

Haring Graffiti art

Tree Mural CSD

Service Learning 2012-2013 props and mural

CSD 150th Anniversary – 5 Alumni Honor Murals (Ella Mae Lentz, Dr. Roberto Davilla, Don Parodi, Granville Redmond, Theophilus d’Estrella)

CSD 150th Anniv 5 murals

CSD Painting and Sculpture Murals

CSD painting and sculpture murals

ASL Murals in Elementary School

ASL murals in elementary school

Nancy Rourke Expressionist Deaf Artist Nancy Rourke Expressionist Deaf Artist

Graffiti De’VIA project – Nancy Rourke AIR De’VIA Graffiti AIR August 2015

Ellen Mansfield clay workshop & AIR (Kendall & RSD) Ellen Mansfield De’VIA WS AIR

Emily Blachly made individualized scavenger hunt activity pages for her Kendall School for the Deaf middle school students for their trip to the Let There Be Light: De^ARTivism exhibit in Washington DC in Sept 2015 – teachers may use these pages with the exhibiting artists webpages for the exhibit – go to

PP Coming soon –

Cubist ASL Kitchen Conversation Table

De’VIA Encaustic Paintings – mixed media

De’VIA Paintings

Douglas Tilden Tape Sculpture

Mosaic Tile Bench – Learn Experience Thrive

Pop Art Murals








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