De’VIA Themes

Deaf View/Image Art De’VIA has many unique themes specific to the Deaf experience and also universal themes that apply to humanity and other marginalized groups.  Scroll down for a listing of themes that show up in De’VIA works often.  This listing will be revised as new themes emerge or are revisited.  The Themes are categorized as resistance (showing oppression of Deaf people) and affirmation (celebrating being Deaf).  It is important to note that some De’VIA works show evolution from resistance to affirmation and can be termed liberation works.  Some works show both experiences but do not communicate themes of liberation but rather limbo.  Feel free to add comments, suggestions, or questions below

De’VIA Theme Challenges
De’VIA History challenge:
Day 1 Deaf History DeVIA Day 1 b
Day 2 Deaf History DeVIA day 2 pdf
Day 3 deaf-history-challenge-revis-e28093-day-3-pdf
De’VIA ASL and Deaf Pride Challenge:
Day 1 Day 1 of Two Day ASL Challenge rev
Day 2 Day 2 of Two Day ASL Challenge

Listing of De'VIA Themes
Listing of De’VIA Themes

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