Animal Motifs

To see ASL videos explaining these animal motifs and more – click Animal Motifs / Videos

De’VIA Motifs: Animals – click the pdf link below for De’VIA artworks of many of the animal motifs listed here

Animal motifs with images pdf

De’VIA Animal Motif Challenge 2016

calendar animal motifs.jpg

Bees pdf-bee-motif-devia-animals-2016
Bird pdf-bird-motif-devia-animal-2016
Butterfly butterfly-motif-devia-animals-2016
Cow revpdf_cowmotif_deviaanimal2016
Crab revpdf_crabmotif_deviaanimal2016
Dog pdf_dogmotif_deviaanimal2016
Elephant revvpdf_elephantmotif_deviaanimal2016
Fireflies/Lightening bug pdffireflies-motif-devia-animals-2016
Fish pdffish-motif-devia-animals-2016
Mouse/Rat/Hamster mouse-hamster-devia-animal-motif-pdfMonkey pdfmonkey-devia-challenge
Moth pdf_moth_deviaanimal2016
Octopus pdf_octopus_deviaanimal2016
Owl pdf_owl_deviaanimalchallenge
Peacock peacock-final-pdf
Snake final-snake-pdf
Turtle turtle-pdf
All De’VIA Animal Motifs allmotifs_deviaanimal2016

Motif Category Symbolizes
Fish Affirmative Deaf Identity
Communicative underwater
Fish Resistance Silence
Separation/Duality of Two Worlds
Peacock Affirmative Spectrum’s mascotEyes on tail feathersBeauty
Caterpillar/Butterfly/Dragonfly Affirmative Evolution, Journey, Deafhood
Moth Affirmative Need for light
Bee Affirmative Deaf Community (i.e. Hives)
Crab Resistance Crab Theory
Monkey Resistance Audiology lab, CI mascot, primitive stage of evolution
Elephant Resistance A.G. Bell, Audism, Oralism
Octopus Resistance Captialism
Seize control of Deaf community
Dog Affirmative Bonding, Family’s Pet
Dog Resistance Passive and Submissive
(2 dogs) conflict
Horse Resistance Deaf Person Trapped
(Whip a Dead Horse idiom)
Owl Affirmative Keen visionVisionary/Wise
Turtle Affirmation no ears/Unhearinghard shell
Hamster / guinea pig/mouse/rat Resistance experimentation subject
Affirmative flight / freedom
Raven/Black bird
Resistance Parroting
Snake/Serpent Resistance evil, speech
Forked Tongue (snake/serpent) Resistance False promises
Cow Resistance Idol, Moloch

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